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As the realities of climate change edge ever closer, businesses find themselves under increased pressure to adapt and take meaningful steps in sustainability. The good news? Accommodating this demand not only boosts their profile with stakeholders but also brings cost-savings and risk reduction benefits – attractive incentives for any organisation looking to futureproof itself. Carbon neutrality is a sought-after badge that sets companies apart from competitors, proving they have made serious commitments toward reaching environmental goals.

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Let’s take action against climate change together! By taking a few simple steps and utilising our business carbon calculator, you can measure your carbon footprint, take steps to reduce this footprint and by offsetting the balance to help your company become proudly carbon neutral. Our team is dedicated to helping reduce the global impact that businesses have on the environment and supply them with an official Carbon Neutral certificate recognising this effort. Let’s join forces in protecting our planet- reach out today for assistance taking your firm onto more sustainable ground!

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benefits of becoming carbon neutral

Increased Revenue

67% of customers are willing to pay more for products and services from Sustainable brands.

Reduced Costs

By taking a closer look at your business' energy usage, you may be able to uncover ways to reduce both consumption and expenses, finding how energy is utilised could have long-term cost savings benefits for your organisation.

Brand differentiation

67% of consumers worldwide prioritize brands with a clear commitment to sustainability.

Reflecting your clients' values

64% of consumers expect companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Mitigate risks

Going carbon neutral mitigates the risk of carbon tax and other regulations that are due to hit businesses.

Retain and attract staff

As businesses continue to grow, sustainability has become increasingly important for employee attraction and retention.

Positive public exposure

The journey to carbon neutrality provides your company endless opportunities to mix up your marketing routine and showcase your values. Talk about emission reduction, offsetting, and carbon neutrality on social media, website, press and more.

communicate your carbon neutrality

After offsetting via billionair, you will receive a carbon neutrality certificate and a virtual badge. You can showcase the certification in your office, whilst the virtual badge is ideal for online marketing.

To effectively communicate your carbon neutrality make sure to:

how to add your business ?

Register a free account

First sign up to a free account here, then you will be able to access our free carbon calculators, save the data to your account and track all of your savings and more.
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Use our free business calculator

Now that you have added your business, you can use the business carbon calculator which will breakdown your carbon footprint across multiple areas. This data will save to your account and you can monitor and improve it by offsetting or simply by changing your business operations and then re-running the calculator.
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Add your business name

Once logged in, you can head to the "business" tab to add your company to your account. Here is where all of your business-related data will show and you can then begin to use the business calculator.
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Achieve Carbon Neutrality: Calculate, Reduce, Offset for a Greener Future


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