billionair Initiative
The Billionair initiative will launch during Q4 2021
Embracing the Future
Sustainable investing is the new financial attitude, it is your future.
It is where people make a difference through working together.
A Rewarding Relationship
Be rewarded and feel valued. Step into the sustainable investment world with us, to enrich your life
and the lives of people you touch.
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about us

Billionair in association with FECIF is an initiative of Fund Managers and Environmental Scientists driven by Financial Advisers.

Representing 450,000 Financial Advisers FECIF is the ideal associate for Billionair in its aims to reduce CO2 by one billion metric tons by 2030 via the financial industry. As financial advisers it’s in our DNA to:

  • Care about our clients
  • Plan for their future and for the next generation
  • Mitigate their major risks – including carbon risk
  • Discuss all factors important for our clients finances, lifestyles and futures

We have to care about the environment

With $51+ billion in new investments flowing into ESG funds, sustainable investments hit a record high in 2020, and it continues to grow. These investors need your support.

People are increasingly making choices to protect the planet. Sustainable lifestyle is gaining strong momentum both in consumer behaviour and investor decisions. Both these trends support the phenomenal potential in ESG funds. Billionair is a platform that brings together the highly motivated community of eco-conscious investors with financial advisers at its centre, offering guidance, encouragement, practical solutions advice.

Join the pioneering Billionair initiative and become part of the future and a driver of this change. Billionair will position you to benefit from and lead the exponentially growing community of environmentally conscious investors around the globe.

look out for tools to measure your clients’ carbon footprint

Portfolio Calculator

Have you been investing in industries that cause environmental damage?

Calculate the CO2 emissions caused by the companies in your investment portfolio. And get suggestions on how to make your portfolio greener.

Personal Calculator

Does your lifestyle add to climate change and unduly drain Earth’s resources?

Calculate the impact of your food, fashion, and entertainment choices. And get suggestions on how to make your lifestyle more sustainable.

why billionair?

At Billionair, we’re targeting to reduce CO2 by 1 billion metric tons by 2030 and want to put you, the financial adviser, at the centre to achieving this.

Eco Community

Join the leading hub of environmentally conscious people who are driven to effect change through their investments and lifestyle choices.

Increased Exposure

Showcase your business to a highly committed community of investors across the globe and offer them what they are actively looking for.

Free Tools

Free Tools Promote your business with free tools like Find a financial adviser near you. Attract new clients by attending events with a variety of audiences.

Growing ESG Investors

Tools like our carbon calculator suggest ESG options to investors. Rewards for making eco-conscious choices encourages other members to follow.

Free Marketing Materials

Use free templates and a wide range of digital and social media marketing materials. Participate in events to grow your footprint.

Assisted Marketing

Enhance your profile and build credibility with extensive press releases and radio coverage. Organise events with support from Billionair.

To reduce CO2 emissions by 1 billion metric tons by 2030.

To build global communities of likeminded individuals around financial advisers and give them a robust platform to share ideas and initiatives and take action to effect change and reduce CO2 emissions.

To create a world where people make environmentally responsible choices and adopt eco-friendly practices to protect the planet for future generations.

Why are financial advisors so important?

From 2022 it will be a legal requirement for Financial Advisers to engage with their clients on all ESG matters, as governments and regulators increasingly understand their role in educating clients and their influence over investment decisions to drive environmental, social and governance ideologies.

join in

Sustainable investing became popular with rising focus on the environment amid the covid-19 pandemic. But this is nowhere close to its full potential. Investment in ESG funds is expected to grow 53 trillion by 2025 (source Bloomberg Intelligence 23 Feb 2021).

ESG investing is a global trend and is supported by regulatory and government actions:

  • Paris Agreement 2016
  • ESAs set up standards under SFDR
  • ESMA acknowledges rising ESG demand
  • MiFID II reflects ESG regulations
  • Governments take ESG initiatives
  • UN and other agencies are onboard

join billionair!

The urgency of environmental issues and the need for sustainable action have grabbed the limelight.

Several initiatives are underway and have found support from regulatory and government actions:

  • Paris Agreement 2016 inked by 194 countries (including 28 EU members).
  • ESAs (European Supervisory Authorities) are making progress in setting up standards under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).
  • ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) has acknowledged that the growing demand for ESG products needs appropriate regulations to ensure their quality and reliability.
  • MiFID amendments (MiFID II) have been made to accommodate ESG investments.
  • Governments, the UN, and various institutions are on board.

how will billionair help you?

Billionair will equip financial advisers with the information they need to engage with their clients as climate change, impacts investing and environmental, social and governance factors become of increasing importance and regulations change, meaning that advisers will have to be knowledgeable and kept informed and educated on these changes.

Yet even without new rules, we see financial advisers as a crucial focal point for discussing and driving more sustainable investing. Every city, every town and village has its professional financial advisers operating within their respective communities.

Fundamental to the advice process is becoming a leader in the community, caring for it and earning its respect.

you, as a driving force

Sustainable investing became popular with rising focus on the environment amid the covid-19 pandemic. But this is nowhere close to its full potential. Investment in ESG funds is expected to grow by 433% to $160 trillion by 2036.

At billionair, visitors can calculate the carbon footprint of their current portfolio and learn how to switch to green funds. Billionair also facilitates access to sustainable funds. Billionair gives the financial adviser, the tools to be at the centre of this Hub and the opportunity to be a key driver of this initiative.

We help you, the Financial Adviser, claim your share of this multi-trillion-dollar market:

  • Join a community of people who are highly motivated to make sustainable choices.
  • Enhance your profile, build credibility, and showcase your financial adviser business to targeted investors.
  • Develop a global footprint and take your financial adviser business to the next level.
  • Promote your business with free tools, like Find an financial adviser near you.
  • Use free newsletter and marketing templates.
  • Attract new clients by attending and participating in events with a variety of audiences.
  • Get extensive press and radio coverage.
  • Organise events with support from an expert team.


Don’t miss your chance to shape the future of the planet, while also growing your business by adding a new source of revenue.