Northern Uganda Safe Water Project

Located in northern Uganda, this project works with local communities to identify and repair broken boreholes. As well as health benefits, communities no longer need to boil water before drinking, saving firewood and preventing the release of carbon emissions.

Prior to some of the boreholes, women typically spent over 3 hours per day collecting water from a distant unsafe water source. The impact of a safe water supply from a borehole in the heart of the community therefore cannot be overestimated. Many hours are saved that would otherwise have been spent travelling to faraway sources. The fact that the borehole water is safe and does not need to be boiled also greatly reduces the need to gather firewood to purify the water. We have noticed in recent years how women report that the time saved that was previously spent gathering these resources can now be invested in working on the farm and learning new skills to generate income.

Project Details

Annual Tonnes Saved: 60,000

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